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eCommerce Trends For The Holidays

Every holiday season is considered to be the most hectic time of year for every vendor. As you all know that the Christmas season is fast-approaching again. It is a perfect time to seize this opportunity to increase the sales revenue by reviewing your eCommerce marketing programs. With 2016 quickly approaching, it’s important to keep an eye on the improved eCommerce trends to boost your business.


Here are some top trends to transform your eCommerce business as the most profitable in 2016 holiday season.


Mobile device sales will outperform
Expect smartphones will be the most popular way to shop via mobile. So, to stay ahead of this trend into 2016 and beyond, it is important to have a responsive website that you can access on any mobile device, tablet in addition to desktop versions. According to comScore estimates, you can easily expect these high growth rates to continue in 2017.


2016 is all about convenience
Some grocery stores offer ‘click & collect’ solutions for holiday mealtime preparation by providing ready-for-you edibles. This trend will make it easier for you to add easy meals for Christmas and holidays to your cart with only one simple click.


It’s not all about the popular shopping sites
Popular eCommerce websites such as Walmart.com and others can still experience firm growth in the online conflict of this holiday season that executes their online strategy well. Look for innovation and offers from the platforms that serve in the best possible way for high profits and customer satisfaction.


Customized client involvement
One of the most important perspectives in rising sales will be the inspiration for the eCommerce store to expand a customized shopping background for supporters by customizing their services. If you want to stay on the top of this changing user’s experience, then create quality marketing content. Try to participate in relevant product recommendation tools so as to personalize your store experience for your existing and prospective customers.


Did someone say #Social?
People on on social media platform are savvy shoppers and looking for deals during the holidays. Since these platforms are essentially live you can by posting a few days ahead of your sale to excitement and anticipation. Then, follow up a few days later with a your top products on sale and include photos. Also include your discount codes and ask your followers to repost to amplify them. Limit your sale to a few hours or a few days and stimulate customer action.
So when it comes to your holiday eCommerce marketing, I hope these few thoughts help you have eCommerce success without too much stress!

David Sawatzke

A results driven sales and marketing professional with over 15 years of experience and is responsible for sales, operations, and growth strategy. David also responsible to look after Zynovo’s integrated marketing and demand generation programs and operations. Most recently, he was the Director of Marketing and Channel Partner Development at 365 Data Center and at Dimension Data, David was responsible for delivering the integrated global marketing programs, development and global execution for the Cloud/ITaaS business unit. He is passionate about delivering a superior customer experience while maintaining a high level of trust and transparency with all business dealings.