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The Zynovo team consists of highly motivated group of individuals committed to client success. We are a group of leaders who encourage originality and creativity, and a place where ingenuity is appreciated and respected. We excel at customizing open source technologies to fit our client needs – whether that be in web development, design, customization or integration. We provide professional and prompt service and provide each client with eCommerce advice and site recommendations. Our expertise is always available to our clients, allowing them to make their eCommerce decisions with ease and certainty.


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Unbeatable Points for eCommerce Marketing

Think about where you are in your current eCommerce marketing journey. Nowadays, the technologies that support eCommerce have developed appropriately. A number of online retailers indicate society’s acceptance of eCommerce. However, there is still a great prospect of progress that is taking place in these areas, both concerning the technology being established as well as in terms of the market perception and method of employment.

Here is the list for you to stick on your wall and check off as you complete each eCommerce marketing plan:


1. Create a Content Marketing Strategy before Starting: An eCommerce business needs a content marketing strategy because nothing beneficial starts without building a project. First of all, make a list of all the methods that you plan on using to reach out to customers, through blog posts, videos or newsletters.
2. Expand Your Platforms with Social Media: This is a high stage that shows you how to take your brand from social media to a complete digital transformation so as to create the stronger presence for your online brand. Just extend the risk and realize what options are best for you to make money. Spread your content through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Google+ etc. and use social media analytic tools to understand which ones work best.
3. Develop an Email Marketing Campaign: use an email marketing campaign to get in touch with your customers and provide them helpful information together with selling your products. This step is considered as one of the most essential ones.
4. Make your Original Content: Original Content is used to build a strong link with your customers. Content like videos, blog posts, audio segments and eBooks can help you create your eCommerce site as an information base for those who are interested in learning more about your marketplace.


If you want to boost your income and profit, then online selling is a key factor. Also, it provides an inexpensive way to keep away confusion that might be present in your company. So, if you want to boost your business then above points will help you in your eCommerce marketing journey.

David Sawatzke

A results driven sales and marketing professional with over 15 years of experience and is responsible for sales, operations, and growth strategy. David also responsible to look after Zynovo’s integrated marketing and demand generation programs and operations. Most recently, he was the Director of Marketing and Channel Partner Development at 365 Data Center and at Dimension Data, David was responsible for delivering the integrated global marketing programs, development and global execution for the Cloud/ITaaS business unit. He is passionate about delivering a superior customer experience while maintaining a high level of trust and transparency with all business dealings.